Monday, August 24, 2015

Video: Hair Journey pt.II

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My hair journey is a looooooooong story that began back in 2008 when I went to college and began taking care of my own hair. I began with long (APL) relaxed hair that I preferred to wear bone straight with razored ends. I had maintained long hair through most of my life because I did not want one of the short, trendy haircuts that so many other young people had. Enter hard dorm water and lack of skill and I left my freshman year with hair that was breaking from the ears down. The top length served to hide the broken hairs.

I began my sophomore year with a cutesy bob haircut which is featured in my first ever youtube video. I'm not excited enough about that video to link it so happy hunting! I maintained this bob as best I could then decided to grow it out when the stylist "trimmed" it into an entirely different style! Just before hitting shoulder length I decided to transition to natural hair. Having such short hair I decided to hide my hair away in neck length  protective styles which is why there are so many references to neck length protective styles on this blog and my youtube channel.

Um...the end...for a few years until someone requested that I update my hair journey video. Click the image above or the length below to get the rest of the story!

Watch the video:
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