Monday, August 03, 2015

Video: Terrene Fusions Moisturizing Detangling Cream

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CORRECTION: I am holding the 4oz size in the video. *Face to Palm* I don't know what blank my mind did before filming this video.

In this video I give a rundown of the Terrene Fusions Moisturizing Detangling Cream. I found that the ingredients of this are great and can be customized to remove protein and get a scent that you like. There are 12 scents to choose from.

I found the cream to be an awesome detangler. If you struggle in this area, give this cream a shot. It worked as a deep conditioner and a leave in but did not wow me in these areas. It was a bit heavy as a leave in for a wash and go and so would work better for sets and protective styles. 

For more info on pricing, other possible uses, and more of my opinion be sure to watch the video. If you are interested in exploring more of the Terrene Fusions products or purchasing a sample size of the product featured in the video, links are below

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