Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Bald Max Hydration Users?

Another bald Max Hydration user

I was perusing Hairlista as I do from time to time, when I came upon a post asking what method was better--Max Hydration or Curly Girl. I replied that I have tried both methods and that the Max Hydration Method is a sub of the Curly Girl Method. I suggested that the original poster do Curly Girl then progress to Max Hydration if they weren't getting the results that they wanted. I moved on from the post feeling that I had given solid advice.

Later, I got an email saying that someone else had also replied after I had. I decided to check it out and what I saw was truly a mess. This reply stated that she hated both methods and the people following Max Hydration Method were bald and rarely had long hair. I took extreme offense to this because at the time I was deep into Max Hydration and am currently MBL. I no longer follow Max Hydration Method in its purest form but am still a huge supporter of the method.

I never responded to this person other than to say that I do the Max Hydration Method and that I am not bald. I honestly feel that there is a way to say everything. Not everyone has to agree with the Max Hydration Method but please respect those that do and avoid broad statements!
What do you think about the poster's comments? Comment below! 

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