Wednesday, November 11, 2015

FIND | Every Drop Beauty Spatula

I have not done a "Find" post in a while and am excited to bring you this one! I came across the Every Drop Beauty Spatula and had to bring this product to my blog readers. If you have watched my Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker product review or my Summer Empties in which a bottle of Curl Maker appears then you know my frustration with getting all of the product out of the bottle.

Curl Maker stops coming up the pump while there is still a decent amount of product in the bottle. Also, the bottle is nearly impenetrable! You cannot cut that sucker open without a lot of effort! Enter the Every Drop Beauty Spatula...You can dip this baby in the bottle, swirl it around and get the stuck product out! Yes! 

I deserve to use every bit of a $22 product! I will be purchasing this spatula very soon!
Have you stumbled upon the Every Drop Beauty Spatula? Comment below! 

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