Friday, January 01, 2016

Is Massive Shedding Seasonal?

What I have "affectionately" called "shed mania" is officially over! Back at the beginning of December, I wrote in my hair journal app "shed mania" to describe the masses of hair I had begun to lose. I was losing so much hair all month that I had begun checking for bald spots whenever I massaged my scalp. was that serious. You can imagine my relief when, after Christmas, I shed only 1/3rd the amount of hair that I had been previously shedding. I had changed nothing before the shedding began and nothing to prompt it to stop. This lead me to suspect that this may have been seasonal shedding.

Seasonal shedding is most likely to occur in October, November, and December. I have read some women joking that they've lost a small animal in shed hair. I felt like that was happening to me though I know I'm exaggerating. lol. Also, though we may shed an average of 50 hairs a day, that doesn't mean that every day will produce exactly 50 hairs. There may be heavy shed days and light shed days that average out to 50. 

I'm going to continue to monitor my shedding and see if it picks up again. I'd also be interested in seeing seasonal changes in my hair's growth rate.
Have you had a massive shedding episode? Comment below! 

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