Wednesday, February 10, 2016

All About Detangling!

Ahhhh, Detangling! It is a life or death task when it comes to natural hair. If your hair is out of balance and breaking, detangling will surely speed up the breakage process. In that same vein, learning to properly detangle your natural hair can help you to retain length.

My Detangling Technique

A couple of years ago I developed this method of detangling that worked well for me. I have strayed from it and come back to it and everytime I return to this technique, I always wonder why I stopped!
  1. Section off the hair into 4 large sections
  2. Working with one of the sections, hold the ends with one hand while pulling the strands up and out with the other. This is going to get some separation going before the next step.
  3. Starting from the bottom of the section, rake through with your fingers. 
    1. If you reach a tangle, pull one side of the tangled hair up and out to avoid breakage.
  4. Once you can rake through without any resistance, divide the section into a smaller section--about 1/4th of the original section.
  5. Repeat the raking on this section, then begin again on another part of this same section.
  6. Repeat 2-4 on all of the other sections.
I find that I lose the least hair with this technique. It is not time consuming and without a comb, it gets my hair pretty darn detangled! 

How do you detangle? Comment below! 

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