Friday, February 12, 2016

Yes, Good Hair is Still a Thing

I'm always stopped by people who want to know how I got the "crinkles" in my hair. When I explain that they are my natural curls, "Good Hair" almost always comes up.

I was outside Winn-Dixie when I was accosted by a woman in a car who wanted to know what most people who see me want to know--"How did you get your hair to crinkle like that?" It always tickles me when people see my curl pattern as crinkles. I get that description quite a lot. I told "car woman" what I tell everyone. "I use a lot of conditioner--don't be cute about the conditioner--and lots of gel." But she didn't really want to know the products...they never do. She wanted to know what styling technique I used. Also, as usual, she was surprised to learn that this is just my natural curl pattern.

This conversation always ends with the person speaking to me concluding that I have good hair but asking me for hair tips anyhow. Though I am always happy to talk hair in real life, the good hair association always seems to make me feel uncomfortable. I didn't wake up like this! The appearance of my hair is due to care not some "good hair blessing." 

I feel that if I accept the label of good hair, I am encouraging someone else to be put in the bad hair category. I myself was told that I had tough/resistant natural hair. Though I never felt negativity toward my natural hair growing up, I knew good and well that I was pressed and later relaxed because my hair was deemed unmanageable. I had to listen to people ooo and aaaah over my cousin's silky baby hairs that I KNEW I did not and never would have.

I always walk away from these encounters wishing I could have gotten on a soapbox and explained that all natural hair can flourish. It just takes time, patience, and an ugly amount of conditioner.

Good hair. Is it still a thing? Comment below! 

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