Monday, April 11, 2016

Video | Growing it Back | April 2016 Length Check

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These length checks are beginning to be "popcorn eating" worthy. There's always a surprise in there. This check involved my growing back the hair that had broken off before my October 2015 length check. My hair is still under the usual length retention for this period of time and I think it is due to breakage. 

In the months in between the checks displayed on this video I had a lot of ups and downs.
My hair grew all the way down to the number 10 line, then broke off an inch each month until it landed on the number 8 line. 

So though it looks like I gained 2 inches on the video, the behind the scenes shows that I actually lost length and would have been past the final line 11 on this shirt. 

It almost goes without saying...I need a trim.  

Watch the video:

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