Wednesday, April 06, 2016

6 Inches in 6 Months! Hair Challenge | Month 5

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The third time's the charm, right? Once again on this challenge I have not gained any length. My hair has stalled out on ln 8. I will admit that I did not really go in on the challenge this month. I did not do scalp massages in the week before the end of the month because I wanted my sleek bun to stay sleek. I then didn't do the GHE the final week because I was traveling and didn't want to explain the plastic on my head to my mom, lol. I also discontinued the oil once I had used up the rest of it.

Honestly, I am tired of this challenge and ready to trim my hair. I believe I have a good balance between protein and moisture but my ends need to be renewed and refreshed. For the end of this challenge I am going back to the Nature's Bounty Gummies. The reasoning behind that can stand alone as it's own post. I'm not thrilled with the gelatin in the gummies but...*sigh* 

What I Was Doing

Scalp massages until the end of the month
Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins daily 
Peppermint/Grapeseed Oil every other day until it ran out
Inversion Method at the Beginning 7 days of the month

What I Will Continue To Do

Scalp massages daily
Nature's Bounty Hair, Skin, and Nail Gummies daily
Inversion Method at the beginning of the month
Greenhouse effect at the end of the month

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