Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Shedding Update

Not that long ago, I expressed in a YouTube video that I was dealing with some serious shedding. I'm talking large balls of hair each week. Now, I am not one to freak out about shedding, you've seen that in my Is Your Shedding Normal video. But this shedding was so much that I even tried a tea rinse to cut down on the amount of hair loss. Fail!

1/2 the wash day shedding during the height of the problem
I'm happy to report that the shedding has gone down! I first noticed a decrease in the shedding during my September 24th washday. I thought, maybe I was just lucky. Well, I washed my hair again on October 1st and again the shedding was more on the normal side. 

I think the shedding may have been stress related. During the time that the shedding began we were beginning to make the transition out of being a military family, moving to a new location, buying our first home (so much drama there), and primarily living off of my teacher income. We had to live in a hotel for quite some time due to the home buying falling through and we also had to eat a "hotel vegan diet." If it could be microwaved, then combined, we were eating it!

We've been living in our new home and eating a more normal vegan diet for about a month now. In that time my skin has been clearing back up, I'm dropping back down to my normal weight, and my hair has stopped doing the crazy shedding.

Not being at peace comes with a hefty price tag and I am super grateful for my current lifestyle!

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