Monday, January 16, 2017

Natural Hair Wash Routine | 2017

The last time I put up a regimen video was 2015. I was following a modified version of the Maximum Hydration Method that was even further modified after the posting of the video. It almost goes without saying that it is about time that I put up an updated regimen video.

Watch the video:


Shampooing and Conditioning

My regimen begins with a good soaking. Fully soaking my hair allows my hair to stretch. Stretched hair means less tangled and easier to work with hair. Okay?! After my hair is hangin' and swangin' I lather up. 

I apply the shampoo at the roots along the front and back hairline then down the middle from front to back and ear to ear. I lather up to get my scalp covered in the suds. Before I rinse, I pull the lather down over the length of my hair.

Next up is my clay rinse. I apply this throughout my hair, working it in, then I rinse. I try to rinse from where I started applying so each clay section sits about the same amount of time. I finally apply copious amounts of conditioner before I hop out of the shower to deep condition for 20 mins with my hot head deep conditioning cap.


I finger detangle my hair after taking it out of the cap. I have done a video of this process and have used this technique for some time. It works!

I then hop back in the shower to rinse and style each section individually. I do it this way so that each section is soaking wet when I apply product to it. I layer on a leave-in, curl cream, and gel before sectioning my hair in smaller rows to do the rake and shake technique to style.


I am not in denial about how long it takes for my hair to dry. I have long accepted that I may have damp hair the next day. It is what it is. I sometimes plop my hair to get it out of the way or so I can sleep. I always airdry my hair most of the day then follow with sitting under the dryer or using a diffuser before I go to bed.

Written out it all seems to complicated but this is probably the simplest my regimen has been since the begining of my hair journey. 

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