Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Creating Curls | The Mindset

When I first went natural, I was convinced that I had 4c, Afro hair with no curl pattern. As a result, I expected my newly natural hair to fall into a perfect wash and wear Afro. I was welcomed to reality when my wash and wear hair came out dull and unintentional looking. Not getting what I wanted, I gave up on wearing my natural Afro quickly and turned to stretched styles, namely twists.

While I was wearing the twists and the eventual twist outs, I began to shift my perspective on presentability of natural hair. Twists became what I thought acceptable hair was and I needed the fresh twists or twist out before I could come outside of my home. When my hair became longer, the process of doing twists also lengthened so I reintroduced and mastered the braid out and Bantu knot out.

It didn't take long before I felt the same about these styles as I had felt about the twists. My hair had
to be set "just so" before I could go out in public. I worried about my hair being fully dry before unraveling the set. I worried about the weather holding for the week so that my braid out could stay beautiful. I was worrying too much for my liking--period.

It was at this point of fussing over my hair that I found the Maximum Hydration Method. The method meant washing my hair and wearing whatever pattern I was left with. The method made me feel like I could try wash and wear hair again. Over a year later, I no longer follow the method but I primarily wear wash and gos.

I no longer fuss over creating a curl pattern. I embrace frizz in my styles because they look natural to begin with making frizz less of an issue. It just looks like part of the style. My hair is also weather proof. Even in humid central Florida, I am able to have hair that lasts through the week.

Finally wearing my natural curl pattern had changed my attitude toward my natural hair. The manipulated styles had me in almost a relaxed hair mindset. If I could go back to the beginning of my natural journey, I'd tell myself to press on. Keep trying out different product combos, application techniques, and amounts of product. Wearing your natural hair as it is naturally is much less stressful.

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