Friday, January 20, 2017

Naturals | Just Clarify Already!

When I first began my (relaxed) haircare journey I cowashed. I didn't do it to actually clean my hair. I just wanted a more gentle way to reset my hair mid-week and sulfate free cleansers were not as common as they are now. To balance out all of the cowashing I was doing, I regularly clarified with a clarifying shampoo once a month. 

Shortly after I went natural I abandoned the cowashing and picked up a gentle shampoo. Thankfully, these more gentle cleansers are now more common than they were back in 2008 when I began caring for my own hair. Though the overall trend of cowashing has died down, there seems to be an equally as popular trend of people avoiding clarifying or using these so-called "natural clarifiers". 

Regularly clarifying your hair and scalp is an important part of a healthy hair routine. It keeps your scalp free and clear of buildup so that your growth isn't hindered. It also keeps your hair free of buildup that can cause hair to be limp or block moisture absorption. If you find that your favorite products aren't working, it may not be that you need to switch them up. You may just need to clarify.

Frizzy hair? Clarify! Gummy hair? Clarify! Brittle/dry hair despite moisturizing? Clarify!

I'd also like to continue my rant on this soapbox by getting into clarifiers. Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar, and Bentonite Clay DO NOT clarify! (proof) I fell for the natural clarifier dream like many others but I ended up with increasingly dry hair instead. People may be using these methods thinking they are thoroughly cleaning their hair and wondering why they aren't getting any results.

Please, head to your nearest store that sells hair products and pick up an actual clarifying shampoo. You'll begin to see improvements in the appearance, moisture, and maybe even growth of your hair.

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