Monday, February 06, 2017

Video | Why You Really Went Natural

Are we still trying to ponder why people went natural in 2016 and 2017? The natural hair movement began quite some time ago and it seems as though many people who rode the wave of the movement have settled in to wearing their hair natural. So, it was surprising when I came across some video comments speculating as to why people went natural.


There were two comments in particular that I wanted to respond to.

People went natural to get "mixed girl curls"

I first wondered what "mixed girl curls" were. I know mixed people with hair from wavy, to curly, to coily. There is no ONE hair type that they share. I also took issue with the commenter automatically attributing what is stereotypically the mixed hair type (3c) to those who are mixed.

There are people with black parents, grandparents, etc that have these looser curl patterns. They do not have to be mixed to have these curls. Also, if your hair shrinks, it has a curl pattern. It may just be a very tight pattern that requires know-how to define. Have you seen tiny defined 4c coils? I have! Wishing to wear your hair defined isn't seeking to be like someone else. It's wearing what you have!

Naturals are making a statement and don't really like their hair

It is human nature to not stick with things that we don't really like long term. There is no way that I could stay natural over 5 years and not like it. If I were trying to make a statement I would have long given up and gone back to relaxed before now. 

Why people have really gone natural

Curiosity. Most of us have grown up in fear of and ignorance of our natural hair. Curiosity has been the tipping point for many of us to realize that there was nothing to fear in the end. Also, some of us have had issues with relaxers from chemicals to costs.

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