Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Suddenly Decreased Shedding

When something unusual happens with your hair, you've got to hop online and blog about it. The moment may be just a quick and passing one or it may be the beginning of something else. No matter what, as I blogger I've got to document, document, document!

Old shedding pic for "decoration"

On my last wash day I noticed less shedding than I normally get. Now, I haven't had an issue with shedding in a while. I wouldn't have labeled my shedding before this point to be abnormal or alarming. However, I took note of the decreased shedding and moved on. 

The following wash day I noticed significantly decreased shedding. This shedding looked to be less than a full week's worth. That really caught my attention because I rock my wash and gos for 6-7 days before I wash them out. There should be about 7 days worth of hair  when I'm done detangling. 

Like a good blogger I began mentally taking stock of any and everything that could have caused this. I've reincorporated a multivitamin and biotin for about a full month now. Perhaps I was needing a nutrient and it was causing my hair to fall? I recently completed weening myself off coffee. I now happily drink a blend of chicory tea each morning that gives me the coffee feels without the caffeine. Caffeine has been known to affect balance within the body but I never drank THAT much. 

I picked back up my workout routine. We previously lived in another area of Florida where I had an hour commute to work. I was unable to workout. Now that my commute is under 5 mins I am now able to get up and workout each morning. The last thing that I could think of is I did a very light protein treatment two weeks ago. My hair wasn't out of wack before I did this treatment, it just had a tad too much stretch. I put on my regular conditioner then put the old formula ion reconstructor on over it.

I'm not sure what caused this decrease but I hope it signals a season of growth for my hair.

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