Monday, May 29, 2017

Video | Mistakes I Made on my Hair Journey

What's a journey without a few bumps in the road? I have had my fair share of bumps along my journey to longer, healthier natural hair. In this video I share some of the mistakes I made in hopes that they can help you. 

Mistakes I Made on My Hair Journey

Being Ignorant of Product Ingredients
I was unknowingly using an all protein product lineup when I first started my hair journey. The excessive protein caused my hair to break at the same rate it was growing. As a result, I saw no growth until I ditched the products and began making balanced decisions about hair products.

Not Trimming Enough
I have had issues with too much trimming and not enough trimming. The too much trimming issue was all on my hair stylist, but not trimming enough is definitely my fault. I accept all responsibility. I kept putting off the trims and the damage traveled up my hair and I had to cut a lot of my hair off as a result. I now search for rough ends every three months.

Not Maintaining Color
Color has always been a one hit wonder with me. I'll color my hair, grow it out, and not make any changes to my regimen to ensure the health of my hair. I have done this twice. In fact, most of what I cut off in my big haircut was colored hair.

Not Shampooing Enough
Thanks to being featured next to a Naptural85 video, a lot of people have seen how I feel about shampoo and moisture. My hair has been dry a time or two because I was not keeping it buildup free by shampooing.

Don't be like me. Make smart hair care decisions! 

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