Monday, November 27, 2017

Shop With Me | Black Friday

I love Black Friday! However, I don't leave my house and neither do I hunt down electronics and toys. Black Friday is one of the few times a year that I buy things for myself. Yup! I do not spend a cent on anyone else on this mega shopping day. That has mostly to do with who I am shopping for and the types of gifts I get. I'm willing to pay full price for family and friends.

What do I buy on Black Friday? Hair products. All of the "boutique" brands are significantly slashed and in many cases offering free shipping. Plus, if I don't buy conditioner and gel for myself, no one else will! I remember someone telling me that asking for hair products for Christmas is like asking for toothpaste. As a natural hair blogger/vlogger, I'd have to disagree with that sentiment. I'd LOVE to get all the things I just bought as gifts. 

This Black Friday I shopped with Hydra Hair Care, Naturally Curly, TGIN, She Scent It, Curl Origin, Mixed Chicks, and Soultanicals. I will do my normal haul video where I discuss the products and give links to exactly what I bought. Watch for that in December.

Watch Video: Part I -, Part II -

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