Monday, December 04, 2017

Paul Mitchell Original The Conditioner Review

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I feel so fancy with this Paul Mitchell salon product in my arsenal! Paul Mitchell is a salon brand that is not ridiculously priced nor ridiculously hard to find. I have purchased this conditioner more than once at Ulta stores.

Price: 10.14oz - $10.99, 16.9oz - $16.25, 33.8oz - $25
You won't necessarily have to pay this if you stalk Ulta's deals which are frequent

Not the most natural. There's a water soluble silicone so you won't get buildup. Loads of extracts in the middle of the ingredients. I'm cool with it though.

Paul is delivering soap bar swag with this one. It has a slight herbal scent but it's also very soap-like as well. I mean all of this in a good way! The scent fades as the hair dries and other products are added. My hair usually smells like my instant conditioner that I detangle with and not the Paul Mitchell conditioner.

I don't normally have this category on my reviews but it's necessary for this one. This conditioner is BRIGHT BLUE! Child, it's toothpaste blue. It was alarming to say the least but I was soon calmed down. This product smooths into the hair clear! I can wear my wet wash and go out of my house and not get side eyes from people trying to figure out why my hair is white! 

Slip. I could really just end it there. This conditioner coats the hair well like a thick conditioner but it's slim, tho! I am able to quickly and easily spread this conditioner throughout my hair. It softens up my hair and keeps it moisturized throughout the week. It also works well with any gel that I've tried with it.

Watch the video:

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