Monday, February 07, 2011

A Few Announcements

First thing off, I did a length check for February '11...

Can you say un-im-press-ive! lol. I trimmed up the sides a bit because they were driving me crazy. Now pretty much ALL of my hair is at the 1st line, when I didn't take any length off the middle. I mean, there may have been a little growth but not a whole lot. I have been slacking on the protective styles, but WHO CARES? I'm more concerned with the growth of the 'fro than my relaxed+natural hair. I am no longer straightening my hair for these checks and I think the next check will be 6 months from now in August--the beginning of my senior year. 

Second thing...
I am just beyond amazed that 100 people--okay I know 3 of them--are actually interested in my random videos. I don't have all this flashy stuff like the big girls of youtube and neither do I have very many videos, many views on those videos, or comments. I think what draws people the most are those NL protective styles. It is common for NL ladies to have problems finding styles. I also think a group of people want to see if my hair grows back as long as it was in my first video, teehee. Don't worry y'all; I'm already SL and my APL is the next step up.

Last thing...
My Hair 101 videos post is now linked in my main blog links. Yaaay!


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