Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Find: Sanford Bennett

Last week, I was perusing some of my blog subscriptions and I came across an awesome post over on Relaxed Hair Health about a 72 year old man named Sanford Bennett who, at the age of 72, looked way younger and healthier than he did at 50. Relaxed Hair Health pointed out how Sanford got his hair to grow back through a series of scalp massages and hair tugging. Looking beyond his hair regrowth, I was fascinated with the man period!

He developed a series of exercises to be done in bed that he did everyday. Unfortunately, Sanford was killed in an accident at the age of 80--my brother wondered how long he might have lived if not for the accident. Being that it is more than 50 years after his death, both of his books are available on Google Books 100% free. I went crazy and read the first book on my phone in two days. lol. His second book serves as more of a clarification of the first and contains a series of pages devoted to pictures of his exercises.

RELAXED HAIR HEALTH'S POST: What I Learned from a 72 Year Old Man's Regimen 
SANFORD'S 1ST BOOK: Exercising in bed: the story of an old body and face made young

SANFORD'S 2ND BOOK: Old age, its cause and prevention


Nadege said...

I'm so glad that Sanford wrote about what he learned during his anti-aging experiments. Hair tugging has now become one of my favorite forms of scalp massage. It feels so much more stimulating than the traditional way using fingertips.

Kayla said...

I loved it for the time that I did it and I need to go back. Thank you for stopping by the blog. I follow and love yours.