Monday, August 20, 2012

Growth Aids: Ones that I have tried

Since beginning my hair journey in 2010, I have tried my fair share of growth aids. No matter the aid, I have found out the same thing about each one. Growth aids do work...for some people.

In 2010, I tried three different growth aids--castor oil, Boundless Tresses, and biotin pills. I applied the castor oil to my scalp twice a week, once after my shampoo and once after my mid-week cowash. This was the most consistent that I had ever been with a applying something to my scalp. During that time I had not a single flake on my scalp, but there was no significant increase in growth.

The next aid was biotin. I took the pills 3x a day with meals as instructed. Biotin is a water soluble supplement so your body takes what it needs of the supplement and you urinate the excess. I again did not see accelerated growth. Biotin pills are best for people that actually have a biotin deficiency which can cause a person to have brittle hair and nails. I posses neither of the before mentioned. I did see increased nail growth and strength but as my nails already grow quicker than the average person's nails, I wasn't interested.

Also in this year I finally got my hands on Boundless Tresses or BT. BT is the grandmother of growth aids. People from years ago were singing it's praises. Though late, I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered some. I found the BT to have a funny "cheap floral bathroom spray" smell and constantly going solid. I had to store it in the bathroom just to be able to use it! I wasn't the most consistant with using BT but it was like all the change in growth

This year I dived into the world of growth aids yet again with Peppermint Oil and Miconazole Nitrate (MN). I joined the Peppermint Oil challenge on Hairlista which lasted for two months. In that time I gained my normal growth. The oil didn't do anything for me.

I am currently testing MN out and have tried to be consistent with it since taking a recent length check photo for a bun challenge I am on. I will be doing a full length check in October and I can see if my growth is accelerated.

What is the moral of my story? Develop a regimen and work on retaining the hair that is already growing from your scalp. Growth aids tend to work toward an optimal growing environment for your hair, whether that be internal or external. I think I already have this environment and growth aids are not able to help me. (There is more on this thought here.)


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