Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Length Retention Boot Camp #3

This will be my last mini length check this year and possibly until further notice. As you can see my hair is still on the same line (which can be expected after a 1/2" trim in late October). What is most striking to me about this update is the quality of my hair. All of these mini length checks have been done on damp hair right after I deep condition. That is just the most convenient time for me to take a picture.

In the first check I am (fiercely!) afro woman. In the next one my hair has more hang but isn't giving up the volume. In this one my hair is hanging like that is all it knows how to do. I really hadn't noticed that it was that different.

I have continued to follow the max hydration method and to primarily wear my hair out and down. I am also doing the same vitamin combo as mentioned in my #2 post. I plan to phase out the MSM and biotin since I don't see any real benefit in them and will continue on with my Multi. I am a Pescetarian and need to make sure I get my B12 in!

Through this "boot camp" I came to completely change my hair regimen for the better. The condition of my hair has greatly improved and I even gained an inch. Despite the positives these "more frequent length checks" reminded me why I originally began doing bi-annual checks. These checks are just downright discouraging.

No ma'am, this is not for me. You'll see this shirt in April and not a second before that!

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