Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Length Retention Boot Camp #1

Yes, that is a a cellphone photo. No need to get fancy for bi-monthly length checks. A while back I wrote a blog post detailing my plan after discovering that I had not retained any length in 6 months (read it here). In that post I declared that I would trim my hair, moisturize daily, and take vitamins. More specifically, I began to take the hairfinity alternative I blogged about (read it here).

I did a very rough trim of my hair by pulling sections and trimming where I saw that the ends began to thin out. I am unsure of how much I trimmed because I never took a length check photo. My theory is that I probably cut about an inch or so, because here I am 2 months later, firmly on the #10 line again. I'm not thinking too much about this check because of the trim. There had better be growth in August!

I have been keeping up pretty well with moisturizing my hair daily. The only thing is that it is difficult to moisturize an updo. I have been wearing mostly protective styles. Had I been wearing twist outs and braid outs, the ends would be easier to get to.

Now, these vitamins have been interesting. I use a vitamin cutter to cut the MSM and multi. I take a half of each of these and one biotin in the morning and another set of these in the afternoon. I do this because vitamins supposedly stay in your system for 12 hours and I want to keep a steady flow of these in my system. I have noticed stronger nails and there may have been the loss of a pound of water weight. Since my 30+ pound weight loss I was holding strong at 125, now I magically am at 124 with no major lifestyle or diet changes. I haven't noticed anything with my hair yet!


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