Wednesday, May 20, 2015

3 Secrets to Lasting Twist Outs

With my love of twists also comes a love of twist outs. I love the uniformed curl pattern, the volume, and the movement that I get from the style. What I didn't love at first was figuring out the maintenance. I struggled for some time to find exactly what I needed to do to make this style last at least a full week. Now, I can bring you my 3 secrets to lasting twist outs.

Secret #1: Get a good set from the beginning

Find the styler that will give you good definition starting from day one. If you do not have a good strong set to begin with, your style will quickly fall then frizz. I personally use very thick, sticky rinse out conditioner to do my twists. I also recommend the ORS Lock & Twist Gel. It provides a soft hold a step above a sticky conditioner.

Secret #2: Don't separate your curls
Watch any style tutorial on Youtube and you will see the person immediately separate and fluff their hair after taking down their style. Um...that step isn't for me. Separating your hair ages it. You don't want to fast forward your style duration by a day or two. Let your hair naturally fluff up over the style's duration.

Secret #3: Tie your hair up at night
Sleep with a satin bonnet or scarf each night to keep the style from getting frizzy and/or losing definition. I have several videos about preserving a twist out overnight which I will place below.

Do you have your own secrets to making a twist out last? Comment below! 

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