Monday, July 13, 2015

Video: Troubleshoot | Max Hydration Method

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If you have been doing the Max Hydration Method for some time you may have come across some issues. The Max Hydration Method, as you may have found, is not a one size fits all regimen. You will not just follow the steps and end up with juicy and defined hair. It takes technique and even some tweaking of the steps to end up with a routine that is best for your hair. 

In this video I cover some issues that I have seen a lot of or have experienced myself and give solutions.

Incorrect Porosity - You may have done the (junk science) cup test or ran your fingers up your hair strand and determined that you have low porosity hair, which the Max Hydration Method is geared toward. Not so fast! These tests have their shortcomings and you could in fact have high porosity or medium porosity hair. 

Buildup - If your hair seems unresponsive to max hydration and just doesn't seem clean after the steps, you may have buildup on your hair. The method doesn't really address previous hair treatment (or abuse) so you may need to "clean house" before you can get results.

Styling Technique - This is one that I personally struggled with. I used to not want to put my hair in as many sections as are necessary for my very dense hair. As a result, my styled hair would be in a stiff mass with little movement. Ugh! It was so bad.

Not Enough Conditioner - I don't hide the fact that I use copious amounts of conditioner when I wash/style my hair. I run through so many bottles of the stuff. I use (roughly) two palms of conditioner per side of my head. That's a lot!

Hair not setting - There is a fear of stylers/gels out there that is keeping people from using the right amount of product to set their style. Your style won't set itself.

See the solutions to these issues in the video.

Watch the video:
What other Max Hydration issues should I troubleshoot next? Comment below! 

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