Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It | Single Strand Knots

I sometimes wonder if I am missing something when it comes to the natural hair community online. There seems to be a large portion of the community that loathes single strand knots. They look for them in their hair, regularly snip them off, and ask themselves what they could be doing wrong that is causing them. How do I feel about the knots? ...I really could care less.

What are single-strand knots?

Single strand knots are knots that form when a solo strand of hair manages to tie itself into a knot.

What causes single strand knots?

The most commonly reported cause of these knots are wash and go's. I've also heard that exposed ends can cause these knots. I'm going to hypothesize that these ends curl up on themselves and then become a knot when the ends are tugged on during styling or care. I'm not saying this is the cause but it makes sense to me!

Why don't I care?

I actually don't get a lot of single strand knots (Hey, don't throw that at me!). Also, the knots that I have had do not cause any issues with the surrounding strands or even break off themselves. If it aint broke--or causing something else to be broke--don't fix it!
Do SSKs bother you? Comment below! 

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