Monday, November 02, 2015

Video | Best Banding Method Ever

I sometimes get the itch to stretch my hair. Some styles are just easier to do without all of the texture I normally have getting in the way. Also, some trimming methods that are usually done on straight hair can also be done on stretched hair. The best thing about stretched hair is that it helps you achieve a blowout look without the blowdryer!

Get The Look

  1. After doing your regular regimen, allow the hair to nearly dry in jumbo twists
  2. Place the hair into two low pigtails
  3. Add another ponytail about an inch or two beneath the first. 
  4. Continue until you reach the ends
  5. Once the hair is completely dry gently comb it out in sections

Mentioned in the Video

22nd Century Natural Woman -

Watch the video:
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