Monday, October 26, 2015

Video | What Broke My Hair Off

Moisture and protein balance are crucial to length retention. Length retention translates to eventually growing long hair. I have struggled with this length retention on 3 separate occasions--during a 6 month bun challenge, while wearing low manipulation styles, and with the breakage shown in my most recent length check. The common thread during all of these is that my hair was out of balance.

What is Protein/Moisture Balance?

A healthy strand of hair is strong yet flexible. You could tug on this healthy strand and it should stretch a little then return to its original shape. Hair that is overly moisturized does not have the strength to prevent breakage. Hair that has too much protein is so strong that it's brittle and will break when manipulated. 

How Do You Know If You're Balanced?

Tug on a shed hair while it is wet. If it stretches and stretches then weakly snaps, you're dealing with over moisturized hair. Many of us have become accustomed to the feel of over moisturized hair. If the shed strand does not have any give and quickly snaps, you need moisture ASAP! Your hair may be dry or in protein overload.

How Do You Fix It?

You can fix moisture overload fairly easily. Usually, a strong to medium protein treatment is all that is needed to snap your hair back into balance. I have used Aphogee 2 Step in the past but recently tried and now recommend Nexxus Emergencee. Please be sure to follow this kind of treatment with a moisturizing deep conditioner. Your hair may feel less soft than usual at first but should even out in time.

Protein overload takes a little bit longer to fix. I have dealt with this issue before as well. You will need to deep condition and moisturise your hair regularly. In time the balance should begin to shift. Refer to this "vintage" post on reading ingredient labels so that you can avoid unknowingly using more protein on your protein overloaded hair: Understanding Protein

Watch the video:
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