Wednesday, January 06, 2016

6 Inches in 6 Months! Hair Challenge | Month 2

Since my hair is not the same length in all places, I took more than one photo which sort of backfired on me as both of these pieces of hair are at line 10. Overall the bulk of my hair is actually at line 9. These little fast lead hairs have made it to my long time goal of waist length! Yay! If this rate of growth continues over the next 4 months of this challenge, I'll make it to tailbone length or something!

What I was doing:
  • Daily scalp massages
  • Maxi Hair Vitamins daily-- My Nature's Bounty gummies ran out half way through
  • Ampro® Pro Styl® Vitamin E Oil w/ Peppermint Oil every other day-- Yemaya oil ran out at the beginning
  • Inversion Method Dec. 1-7th
  • Greenhouse Effect (GHE)  Dec. 28-Jan. 1st 
  • Protective Style--Jumbo Twists--during the GHE
I decreased the drops of peppermint oil in the carrier oil down to 10 drops. It did not tingle which I am fine with. I also found the GHE to be more bearable when cut back to just one week. I have just begun the Maxi Hair at the tail end of the month. I can't stand the taste of these things and I already miss my gummies! I am thinking of doing a review of these once I have finished the bottle. 

I am curious to know what is causing this growth. As a science teacher there are so many variables that I cannot determine the source of the growth which irritates me. lol. After this challenge I'm going to test each of these things on their own to see what is causing this growth!

What I will continue with:
  • Scalp massages as often as reasonable
  • Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins daily
  • Peppermint/Ampro Oil every other day
  • Inversion Method at the Beginning 7 days of the month
  • Green House Effect (GHE) for the last week of the month
  • Protective style during GHE--more jumbo twist styling

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How's your growth going? Comment below! 

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