Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Truth About Your Denman Brush

Are you familiar with the Denman brush? If not, what rock have you been under all this time?! The Denman D3 and D4 brush models are widely used in the natural haircare world for detangling. While many people love the brush, others hate it. There was even a period when modifying the brush by removing every other row was all the rage. 

Did you know that the D3 and D4 brush models are for blow drying? Yes! Everyone's favorite detangling brush is actually meant for blow drying. I've even flat ironed my hair with the D3 and got great results. Now, I've know the true purpose of this brush for some time but what was new to me was that Denman has other brushes more suitable to detangling. The D31 and D41 are volumizing brushes with bristles that are spaced far apart.

If that isn't enough, Denman even makes designated detangling brushes. Whaaaaat? Yes. Now go forth and detangle. 
Did you know about the other brushes by Denman? Comment below! 

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