Monday, January 06, 2014

My Personal 3 Month Inversion Challenge

In a past post, you read about all of the growth aids that I have tried in the past. In a newer post, you saw me mention the inversion method. Now, I am finally ready to try the inversion method like a true skeptic!

What is the inversion method?

The inversion method is a hair growing technique whereby you oil your scalp, then proceed to bend over to cause blood to rush to your scalp. You hold this position for 4 minutes, then slowly rise out of it. This can be done for 7 days, but any more and you aren't really shocking your scalp with extra blood flow. The method is said to grow the hair an entire inch in one week.

How are YOU doing it?

I am skipping the oil, as I do not like things on my scalp. I sit and lean forward as though I were painting my toes for 4 minutes. I usually put my iPad mini on the ground and watch a YouTube video during the 4 minutes.

How long are you doing it?

Starting at the first of the month in January, February, and March I will be doing 7 days of inversions. By the end of the challenge I should have done a total of 21 days of inversion and have gained a magical 3 inches--one each month.

When can we see the results?

I will proceed with my regular 6 month length check in April as it follows directly after the last inversion round. With my natural growth rate, my hair should be on the last line of my length check shirt. If the inversion method has boosted anything, I will be past that line--and were it to exist on my shirt--on line 16.

I have designed my own length check shirt and will be busting it out whether I gain extra inches or not, so that I can have a starting point to compare for my October 2014 length check. 


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