Wednesday, March 02, 2016

6 Inches in 6 Months! Hair Challenge | Month 4

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For the second consecutive month on this challenge, there has been no miracle growth. Last month I wasn't really on the challenge like I should have been. This month I stuck with it but did not see results. I am noticing that the oil is beginning to build up on my scalp and is getting more difficult to remove. This may be slowing my growth. I've done a peppermint oil challenge in the past during which I received no results. So, I am thinking of finishing up the premixed peppermint oil I have then discontinuing the scalp oiling for the remainder of the challenge. I just don't like buildup!

What I Was Doing

  • Scalp massages nearly daily (yay!)
  • Country Life Maxi Hair Vitamins daily 
  • Peppermint/Grapeseed Oil every other day (only missed 1-2 days!)
  • Inversion Method at the Beginning 7 days of the month
  • GHE for the last week of the month 

What I Will Continue To Do

I will continue to do what got me to this point. I just have to be just as "on it" as I was for February. As stated above, I will be phasing out the peppermint oil. Other than that, I think I can stick this thing out for another two months!

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